About Me

I am Phil Robson, the founder of Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd, a company I set up in 2014.
My career began when I joined the British Army after leaving school. After serving for 6 years, I began my Police career and completed 22 years in law enforcement with the majority of this time spent in special operations. I took redundancy in 2014, leaving the National Crime Agency. Whilst working in law enforcement, I began a specialist dog programme, introducing dogsinto the field of covert operations. I was fortunate to be teamed up with Benji,the first covertsearch dog providing a unique specialist service.
Alongside developing Benji’s covert capabilities  I started to develop advanced dog suppression techniquesin order to assist operators when carrying out their duties safely and surreptitiously when dealing with aggressive or nervous dogs during their deployments. I was able to expand on these techniques to incorporate them for uniform police operations.
Since taking redundancy and forming Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd, I have been able to expand further on these techniques and have been able to adapt them for use by all dog professionals.
I have devised an extensive training programme and have produced a variety of products in order to enhance competency and safety for all operators who encounter dangerous or nervous dogs in their work.
We do not train dogs, we train people!