Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd is a specialist training company providing CPD accredited courses, we are the sole provider of advanced dog suppression techniquesto Law enforcement, Military andGovernment agencies in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.
With many years operational experience gained from deploying against organised crime groups both within the UK and abroad we were able to collate the knowledge and experiences and develop a specialist dog suppression programme.
Our training programmes are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to defeat and control canines during deployments on covert and overt operations, within both urban and rural theatres of operations where the need for stealth and furtiveness is paramount.
Our products are ever evolving and are proving to be essential tools to the operator when dealing with aggressive or nervous dogs.The techniques and equipment have been developed with safety asparamount, ensuring that operators are given the training, information and tools to make an informed decision when faced with potentially life threatening situations.
Advanced K9 Solutions continues to be actively involved in the development ofsensitive suppression techniques, ensuring that you,as the end user, are provided with continual development in this activity. We are the lead in the development of sensitive dog suppression.


West Mercia Police

Great course which met my needs and has given me confidence to be able to put it into practice



Devon & Cornwall Police

Really good course from knowledgeable trainers. Many thanks


Nottinghamshire Police

Great to get hands on experience with the dogs

Northumbria Police

A relaxed but very informative course.  This will enable me to carry out my duties